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Wine Diamonds,Not Sediment

A few patrons have approached us with questions about “wine diamonds” or “bitartrate crystals” in their wines.  Rest assured, this isn't sediment!  Rarely, in our high-end wines (Classic Select and above) crystals appear after aging in the bottle.  These are harmless, tasteless and actually, an indication of high quality.

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NEVER worry about fruit flies again!

Try this FOOL-PROOF fruit fly trap method - it REALLY works!

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As you have heard by now, Peterborough is moving to Yellow Zone on Monday November 23rd. In keeping with a higher level of safety for our customers, we have a couple of things to remind you of and a couple of changes.
*Please continue to wear a mask at all times while in our shoppe.
(with the exception of when you choose to sample your wine while bottling)

         *Always keep six feet from other customers and our staff.

*Please wash your hands when you arrive and make use of any of the seven hand sanitizer stations throughout the store.
*NEW: Please DO NOT arrive early for your bottling appointment.
This is really important.

We have worked hard to safely accommodate as many people as we can per day and by arriving early you can put us over the safe capacity of our store. If you arrive early, you may not find a convenient parking space and/or you could find the door temporarily locked. In order to keep everyone safe, we will allow the previous customer to depart, before allowing your entry. If the door is locked when you arrive, you can call us from your car or wait out front for our signal.
*NEW: Please stay safe at home and use our online store to purchase gift certificates! You can send your gift by email to the recipient or send it to yourself to print and give in person.
Multiple denominations are available for the wine lover on your list.  Here is the LINK


We thank you again for your amazing support
and we look forward to seeing you soon!
Jennifer & Sarah



Starting August 1st 2020

 * Masks must be worn at all times while inside our shoppe
(please put a mask on before leaving your vehicle and remove it only when you return to your vehicle)

* If you need to adjust your mask in any way,
please sanitize or wash your hands before AND afterwards
(Hand Sanitizer is available at the door and all throughout the store for your use)

* Please sanitize your hands as soon as you enter our shoppe and before leaving

* Please keep a minimum distance of 2 metres between you and
our staff and other patrons at all times

We thank-you in advance for helping keep everyone safe! 



 May 24th 2020

 It has been two months of a very different lifestyle, hasn’t it? It’s a whole new world. Many people are not working, some of us are still working or are back to work and students are all learning from home. We are shopping differently, walking/exercising a lot more and discovering new hobbies and interests. All ages and demographics have been affected in so many different ways. Thankfully, our area has been very lucky... let’s keep it up everyone!

We have some great news, especially for those of you with wine ready to bottle! Starting this Tuesday May 26th, we will be adding a few additional bottling appointments per day, by strategically opening both bottling stations. This will be done carefully and with great attention to social distancing and sanitization, as always. We look forward to being able to accommodate more of you, with these changes. We have created even more separation between the areas of our store and remind everyone to arrive on time, be patient and keep a safe distance from others :)

We’ve been asked a lot about face masks. 😷
We do not require face masks be worn, as social distancing is easily accommodated in our spacious store. However, if you’ve been told to wear one or feel better wearing one, please do! Just please remember: DO NOT touch your mask at all, while wearing it in our store. Doing so compromises the safety it provides you and others. It must fit tightly to your face and must not be touched. If you must adjust it, please wash or sanitise your hands immediately.
Click here for more information.

 Call us if you have any questions or concerns.  Stay safe!

Sarah & Jennifer  




April 1st, 2020

We are in very uncertain times because of COVID-19. We will remain open for business, but with some adjustments to our day-to-day operations. Our goal is to continue to provide you with a clean, open space to bottle your wine quickly and with appropriate personal distancing.

In order to minimize the number of customers in our store, we have significantly reduced the number of bottling appointments per day. We will also be alternating the appointments between our two stations to give us time to thoroughly clean and disinfect before their next use. We ask you to please adhere to your scheduled time and please do not visit us if you have travelled in the last 2 weeks. These things will help keep us all healthy :)

As always, our website is available 24/7 for you to place a wine order or to book an appointment, Visit We will also be accepting phone orders until this situation has passed. Call us at 705-749-9463 for more information on this.

In store, we have increased our use of microfiber cloths, bleach and Lysol to treat all surfaces throughout the day and after each customer visit. All of our equipment is fully cleaned and sanitized before each use, as it always has been. We have anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizer throughout the store for your use.

Even with all of these adjustments, should you wish to delay bottling your wine... no problem! Wine ages beautifully here, with no harm coming to it from not being in bottles. Just let us know your wishes and we’d be happy to store your wine for you, at no extra charge.

We are hopeful that this global situation is short-lived and that our community stays safe and healthy. We realise that things are constantly changing so we will stay in touch with you all in the coming weeks.

Jennifer and Sarah