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Making Wine At Our Facility

Making wine at the Wine Shoppe on Park couldn't be easier!

Simply come down to the Shoppe, let us assist you with making your wine selection.
We then prepare the grape juice(s) for you to stir and add yeast and it's done.
Total time ...about 10 minutes and no appointment is necessary.

Or.. Order your batch online! Simply click on the Wine List tab at the top of this screen and select the wine you'd like to make. Then follow the steps to create an account, pay for your wine and set up a making appointment. It's that easy!

Wait 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the wine you have selected. Your receipt will have the earliest bottling date on it for your reference.

Call the Shoppe to arrange a bottling appointment, or use our simple bottling appointment booking system here on our website. The link can be found at the left of your screen, or click here.

Then, wash your bottles, removing labels and shrink wraps if necessary, and bring them in at the time of your bottling appointment.

Need bottles? We offer 750mL bottles which are available in green or clear. We also offer 1.5L green bottles.

Rinsing, Sanitizing, Filling, Corking, Shrink wrapping and Labeling takes about 40 minutes per batch of wine. And you're done...

It's fun, it's easy and you are now ready to take your premium quality wine home for aging in a cool, dark place.

"Craft Winemaking"